If you agree with us that there are better ways to meet Britain’s energy needs than expensive nuclear power with its radioactive emissions, accident risks, nuclear weapons proliferation links and radioactive waste legacy, one small step you can take is to ensure you don't buy your electricity from a nuclear supplier.

The “Big Six” Fuel Mix

British Gas

Fuel Mix Key

  • Coal
  • Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Renewables
  • Other

The Big Six provide varying amounts of nuclear in their fuel mix for domestic customers, but that fuel mix is determined by market forces rather than ethical considerations. And the above figures exclude their supply to larger companies which get a greater proportion of nuclear than domestic consumers.

None of the Big Six offer a Green tariff, none are nuclear free, and all have shown a willingness to participate in nuclear new build if the price is right. [read more]

It has been short-term commercial considerations which have seen five of the six back away from plans for new nuclear for the time being. And that’s one reason why switching away from the Big Six to a Green supplier is important.

Nuclear Free Suppliers

We have identified nine suppliers who do not include any nuclear power in their overall fuel mix: Bulb, Ecotricity, Fischer Energy, Good Energy, Green Energy, Green Star Energy, LoCO2 Energy, Ovo Energy and Tonik Energy.

Fischer Energy
Good Energy
Green Energy
Green Star Energy
LoCO2 Energy
Tonik Energy

Fuel mix data is for the year to end March 2016, or since startup for new entrants.

Green Energy includes electricity from gas-fired combined heat and power, which is more energy efficient, lowering CO2 emissions compared with gas used solely for electricity generation.

Switch Supplier

To switch to a 100% renewable tariff from a non-nuclear supplier, you can visit Green Electricity Marketplace and select a tariff from one of the suppliers listed above.

Further Reading

For detailed information about suppliers’ fuel mix, see which publishes the fuel mix data for all domestic electricity suppliers in Great Britain. The site lists the most recent fuel mix data and also includes an archive of previous years’ data.

Green Electricity Marketplace provides detailed information of all the Green electricity tariffs available in Great Britain and the prices in each region.

No2NuclearPower provides in-depth news and information about the UK nuclear industry. is a sister site of and Green Electricity Marketplace (GEM). GEM is not associated with any general switching site and is committed to promoting renewable electricity through the provision of information and independent assessment of Green electricity tariffs.


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